How To Alleviate Slipped Disc Pain With Chiropractic Care In Leander

How To Alleviate Slipped Disc Pain With Chiropractic Care In Leander

Leander chiropractor therapy for herniated disc, also called slipped disc, demands that the problem areas be located first. The backbone has 26 bones or vertebrae. Soft discs are found between the bones. Their role is to maintain the position of the vertebrae. Slipped disc happens when a disc falls out of place.

Slipped disc is a disorder prevalent among older people. Those who carry heavy loads are prone to this problem also. Herniated disc is agonizingly painful. With the aid of chiropractic program, the aches can be minimized, health of spine improves and surgery may be prevented.

The problem often occurs at the base of spine particularly lumbar region and tailbone. But it can affect other areas of spine too. Most of the time the cause is trauma not aging or wear and tear.

The most observable sign of the problem is the severe pain. In minor cases, the pain is not noticeable. Studies done in the past showed that a vast majority of people has undergone minor slipped disc with no pain but the body can heal it by itself.

In serious cases, the pain may immobilize you. The pain is felt on one side of body instead of spine. Oftentimes, the knees and legs are in pain especially when the nerves are pressed by vertebrae.

Severe slipped discs problems can result in significant amount of pain that can last for days or months. The patient is nauseated and numb in affected limbs. Careful and gentle testing is conducted on the patient in order to come up with an efficient chiropractic program.

Herniated discs may repair on its own if stress of spine is relieved. Oftentimes patient recuperates in 3 month period even without therapy. Chiropractic care however can speed up the recovery and minimize pain immediately.

Leander chiropractor does not utilize medications to correct the disorder. Spinal manipulations are used to fix the dislocation of vertebrae. Another method used to alleviate the pain is Cox flexion-distraction. This method involves utilizing a custom made chiropractic table where gentle stretching of lower spine is done to release the pressure from discs and nerves of spine.

Find more information and details about relieving slipped disc pain permanently and naturally when you visit now! Your Leander Chiropractor will develop an individualized plan to address your pain and help you begin enjoying your previous activities pain free!

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