How to Improve Your Fitness Level

How to Improve Your Fitness Level

As with anything, whether it is a sport, an academic pursuit or advancement, improvement takes patience and dedication. If you want to know how to improve your fitness level, there are ways to slowly grow and become stronger and healthier in the pursuit.

Stretching and Toning

First and foremost before beginning any exercise routine, you should always begin with rigorous stretches to insure you don’t injure yourself. If you are just beginning a program and haven’t had a high level of physical fitness, you will want to take it easy on yourself and gradually grow.

You can either do a few simple stretches for each muscle group in the body or join a yoga class which works on toning and stretching as well as aligning your entire body. Be sure to start with a beginner class first as this is a tremendous change for your body if you are just starting.

Always focus on the muscle group you are about to work. You want to stretch to the point where there is a soft burn but not to the point of pain or high discomfort.


Developing your cardiovascular system is essential to improving fitness. Not only will the endurance and stamina serve you in any exercise discipline but you will also be burning calories and therefore increasing the overall tone and definition of the muscles you decide to work.

Begin each regime with cardio after stretching. You can either set a course to run or start on a treadmill or Stairmaster. Swimming is also a terrific form of cardio. In any case, you should clock your distance and set a goal to complete. Do your best to stick to the goal even if you are tired but don’t set your standards so high you will be unable to achieve them.

The goal is to increase your cardio each day to an optimal level. For example if you decide your first time to jog a half mile, you may want to increase to ¾ of a mile the next time all the way up until you hit say 3 miles. This could be a good place to leave it without over doing it.

Muscle Development

When working on developing, strengthening and toning muscles you always want to target them into groups. That means you don’t want to decide to work out every muscle in your body each day. This will over exert your energy and over tire your muscles. If you decide to focus one day on upper body, you should focus the next on legs and back and so forth. This gives your muscles a chance to heal between workouts and will help them to grow without injury.

Begin the exercise with a predetermined number of repetitions. If you don’t know, ask a fitness instructor. A good rep for squats for example would be 15. So you will want to start with weights which will allow you to do 15 reps at least 3 times. You will want to give yourself a short break in between reps. If you can do this too easily, you may consider increasing the weight. If it is so difficult you cannot continue then you will want to go a little easier. You want to gradually build your muscles not turn into the hulk in one session.

The best advice for how to improve your fitness level is consistency. If you are consistently pushing yourself to stretch further, do more cardio and increase the weights on your reps you will ultimately begin to enhance your fitness. You will find yourself excited about moving forward and getting stronger.