What are some healthy cereals to eat?

What are some healthy cereals to eat?

What are some healthy cereals to eat?

I’m a 16 year old guy and I want to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning that doesn’t put on too much calories. My school cafeteria doesn’t exactly have the healthiest choices in foods, and I don’t have time in the morning to create some sort of fancy meal, so I decided that cereal is my best bet. and I’m too picky to eat oatmeal, etc. I strictly want to limit this to cold cereals. so, Kashi, fiber plus, total, and all those kinda cereals. i’ll try anything, so even if it’s organic i don’t really care, as long as it only involves adding skim milk and a spoon. if you could, some nutrition facts would be nice thanks. Oh and I’m taking a multivitamin for teens as well if that is a factor.

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You could try eating Whole Wheat Cheerios, they are very tasty and only contain 110 calories! They is also Special K (120 calories), and Honey Bunches of Oats (Honey Roasted, 120 calories)

Total is good, it has 100% of a lot of necessary vitamins. Also granola is good, but it is high in calories, if you are not worried about that then it would keep you full longer.

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