National Health Insurance - Part 2

National Health Insurance - Part 2

National Health InsuranceIndividual Plans at Group Rates! Great Coverage/Options!

Max Decimale, a certified public accountant, had California Health Insurance agent Matt Lockard to thank for suggesting monthly visits to an acupuncturist as a prudent use of his coverage, in order to relieve stress.

Seven Ways to Avoid a Health Insurance Recission

Health insurance rescission has been heavily politicized in the ongoing health care reform debate. Rescission is the term used when an insurance company issues a policy, and then later finds out that the applicant was not eligible for coverage. The insurance company then returns the premiums paid and voids the health insurance contract.

There are typically two different causes for insurance rescission:

Rescission may occur in any type of insurance policy including health, life, auto, and homeowners policies.

Rescission and the Health Care Reform Debate

Current insurance laws restrict recession to the first two years of a new policy.

Newborn Coverage on California Group Insurance

There has been a change that affects how long a newborn can stay covered under the parent’s group insurance. In the past, a newborn was covered for the first 30 days but only until the end of the month. So, a baby born on the 28th is covered for only 2-3 days, until the 30th or 31st of that month.

Effective 1/1/2010, newborns will be covered for the first 30 days, without the end of the month rule. So, a baby born on January 28th will remain covered until February 28th.

Coverage will be free the first 30 days, but if they enroll the baby with Kaiser, coverage will be backdated to the first of the month. This means they’ll pay for the coverage- just like they would have done before the rule changed. Thi

When six old friends headed to a trout stream near Yosemite, Pete had no idea that he’d be hooked instead of a trout. But because of a timely prior visit to a California Health Insurance agent, the point of this painful fishing yarn turned out to be the one that got away. 

Agent helps Ventura family cope with kaleidoscope ordeal

When California Health Insurance agent Matt Lockard sold two individual child plans to a family in Ventura, he never would have guessed how a kaleidoscope could be the root of all evil. 

The Coakleys were refugees from Malibu Beach.

The Importance of Having Health Insurance

“I’m just fine and never been sick before. Why do I need to take health insurance? ”

Many people think so and we may one of them. However, do you ever crossed your minds, what would happen if accident and sickness came so suddenly and you had to be hospitalized? You may have to pay the costs of expensive medical treatment until your savings drained, and this of course is not a situation we expect to happen. On the contrary, would not be very helpful if we already have health insurance that can help us in paying medical expenses? More and more that we feel that the health costs are increasingly expensive. Payin

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