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Empowering Women – It''s an inside job

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When I first hear the words Empowered Women multiple images surface in my mind: suffragettes marching for the right to vote; women in third world countries courageously stepping forward and claiming their power as they become educated, form businesses and give voice to their dreams and hopes for their children and families; and women who now fill roles that for decades, centuries even, were only open to men.

These are powerful images that reflect the essence of what true empowerment is:

The courage and right to have our voices heard.

The courage and right to use our gifts, talents, skills and abilities to nurture and nourish our children, families and community.

The courage and right to freely choose how we express and contribute to the world.

While there continues to be discrimination against women around the world true empowerment begins as an inside job. It is valuable to know how to strategise and navigate a world that has been dominated by a male model of power based on an external focus that is structured, mental, logical, linear and protective with an emphasis on doing. Our empowerment as women must embrace power that is internal, receptive, emotional, loving, relational and nurturing with an emphasis on being. The truth is that the marriage of these two forms of power is the greatest source of empowerment.

You may be wondering, ‘Well this sounds good, but what does it mean for me today, right now to be an empowered women when I lack confidence, feel insecure regarding what I have to contribute to others and notice that I often lack the courage to authentically express myself?’

The good news is that your awareness of your dis-empowered thoughts is the perfect place to begin your personal empowerment journey. Since true empowerment is not something someone else can give us, although we may experience momentary confidence based on our job title, relationship status, or recognition and appreciation from others, we must look to our relationship with ourselves as the foundation of personal empowerment.

What we think and how we feel about ourselves is the primary factor in determining whether we are able to access and sustain personal empowerment. Just as a loving parent nurtures and nourishes their child’s emotional well-being with unconditional love, most of us must re-parent ourselves by soothing and unconditionally loving those parts of ourselves that have been wounded and feel less-than and not-enough.

In my work with my coaching clients I ask, How would you describe yourself if you were empowered? And while many clients initially have difficulty responding to this, when they do their answers include the following:

I make a difference in the lives of the people I know.

I am confident in expressing myself.

I am generous and trust that life is on my side.

I feel safe to be myself.

I am responsible for co-creating my experience.

I am worthy, loved, compassionate and kind.

As our work continues we use their definitions of personal empowerment as our north star. As they become aware of their programming, their beliefs about themselves, others and life, that are sabotaging their personal empowerment it becomes clear that it is the process of transforming their beliefs about themselves that is crucial for them to live aligned with their definition of personal empowerment.

So take a few minutes now to step more fully onto the path of your personal empowerment:

Write your response to: How would you describe yourself if you were empowered?

Complete the Self-Esteem-Experts.com What I Believe Worksheet (http://www.self-esteem-experts.com/self-esteem-activities-beliefs.html)

Make a list of the thoughts, words and actions that support you in being empowered.

Think the thoughts, speak the words and take the actions.

Susyn Reeve has 35 years experience as an Organization Development Consultant, Executive Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator. She is the co-creator of Self-Esteem-Experts.com and WITHForgiveness.com; and the author of the award winning book Choose Peace and Happiness. She is currently completing a manuscript for her new book, The Inspired Mind.

As an Organization Development Consultant her clients have included: American Express, Exxon, New York University, Mount Sinai Medical Center (NY), Continental Airlines, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Young Presidents Organization (YPO).

As a Self Esteem Expert she provides information, exercises, Daily Inspiration messages and coaching to boost self esteem and build confidence.

As a Calling in The “One” Coach she works with clients to free their hearts and minds from blocks to unprecedented love in their lives.

As an ordained InterFaith Minister, she offers Spiritual Guidance to people facing life challenges and has created ceremonies to mark life’s passages.

Susyn has been a delegate to the UN Commission on the Status of Women (2007 – 2009). She is a Board Member of Folk Arts Rajasthan and in the Fall of 2010 she will serve as an Advisory Board Member of the National Association for Self Esteem.

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