General Info On How To Achieve Long Lasting Tanning Lotion Results

General Info On How To Achieve Long Lasting Tanning Lotion Results

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that the sun is bad for your skin. This explains the reason why many are turning to self tanning lotions and such like sunless tans to achieve a long lasting tanning lotion effect as that which they would have got from tanning beds or through sun bathing.

Before looking at how you can achieve an even and long lasting tanning lotion outcome, it is important to mention that a tanning bed is as riskier as basking under direct sunlight. Studies show that tanning beds can escalate the risks of skin cancer by up to 75%. Having said that, the good news is that you can get the long lasting results that you want and avoid the unsightly streaks that most people often complain about.

It is no secret that many people have had their share of ugly streaks before achieving the long lasting tanning lotion effect that they so much desire. The reason for this could be because of wrong choice of lotion, or inability to follow basic tips and guidelines when using these specially formulated lotion and other tanning products. Here is how you can ensure you have the most long lasting tanning lotion effect.

The first secret for long lasting tanning lotion results is to ex-foliate several days before application. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most important things to do. Ex-foliation helps your skin shed off the top dead layer such that the tanner will not be working its way through the dead scaly layer.

Secondly, you need to ensure you moisturize your skin for 5-7 days prior to tanning for a long lasting effect. Moisturizing your skin using a hand and body lotion helps guarantee a long lasting tanning lotion effect and even results. While at it, you might want to do a full body moisturization, paying close attention to parts of the body that are known to dry out abnormally e. G. The knees and ankles.

Dry areas of the body like the knees and ankles are known to soak up the lotion, hence leading to patches. But, when you plump them up with sufficient moisture, no doubt you will have an even and admirable tanning outcome.

You also want to ensure you do not apply your lotion when you are inside a damp bathroom or when your body is still hot from taking a shower or bath. The reason is very simple: the lotion will melt and start dripping off, hence the streaks and patched results that most people often experience, and of course the long lasting tanning lotion results you wanted will not be achieved.

Be advised that self tanning lotions tend to take a long time to dry when compared to other tanners. This, therefore, means that the application process should take more time, hence you need to allocate enough time for applying and more time for drying up. When applying, start with a single part of the body and work through liberally until all parts are covered evenly.

You do not have to be a beauty expert to know how to apply self tanning lotions and achieve a long lasting tanning lotion effect. One thing that you should know, however is that the process is time consuming and requires lots of patience and practice. Getting online will help you find information from beauty experts on how to do it for the most effective results, as well as information on the best fake tan lotions to use.

When you want to find a long lasting tanning lotion, you should start your search online. Using an airbrush tanning machine is easy and convenient.