Health Facts Plus: Go Local - A Project

Health Facts Plus: Go Local - A Project

"Go Local" - A Project of MedlinePlus

What are the "Go Local" links?

The "Go Local" links on MedlinePlus health topic pages take you to information about health services in local geographic areas. These links include Web sites from hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, support groups, health screening providers and many others. You can link directly from each MedlinePlus health topic to services related to that particular topic. For example, if you choose "Go Local" from the MedlinePlus Breast Cancer page, you will find links to Cancer Clinics, Oncologists, Support Groups, etc. on the local state site.

What areas are in Go Local?

Go Local is expanding to cover areas all over the United States. Here is a list of current Go Local participants.

As a health consumer, give us your comments about the "Go Local" links by selecting the "Contact Us" link that appears at the top of every MedlinePlus page or send comments to the appropriate "Go Local" site.

I have a Web site of health services in my state. How can I participate?

NLM is working with libraries and library consortia to add well-maintained sites and their links to "Go Local." If you have a Web site that collects and maintains information on local health services in a specific geographic area and are interested in participating, see the Project Proposal Guidelines, linked from the MedlinePlus Go Local Resources page.

If your library or consortium can commit to collecting and maintaining Web sites and performing outreach activities in your state or region, NLM can help with the Web site. NLM has a system in place for libraries to use. NLM provides a complete, secure system and keeps the vocabulary and the links to MedlinePlus up to date. You are responsible for collecting and organizing local services Web sites, keeping the links current, and working with community and professional organizations in your state or region to encourage use and participation. For more information see the MedlinePlus Go Local Resources page. You may submit a proposal to your Regional Medical Library. Contact your RML at 1-800-338-7657.

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