Baby Yeast Infection treatment – Safe Options

Baby Yeast Infection treatment – Safe Options
Baby Yeast Infection treatment

Anyone can have yeast infection. This infection is very dangerous especially to the infants. Yeast infection occurs due to the presence of millions or billions of Candida on the infected area. The mouth, diaper area, sensitive areas of the reproductive organs, armpit and spaces between your fingers are prone to yeast infection. These areas naturally have some yeast contents which are also needed by the body. The excess number of Candida on a certain area of the body will lead to infection.

Babies are also prone to yeast infections. They can get it directly or indirectly. Usually, yeast infections on the mouth or on the diaper area are what babies get. Babies have a very sensitive skin. If ever your baby suffers from this kind of infection, you need to consider a lot of things when applying baby yeast infection treatment. You need to make sure that whatever treatment you do will not harm your baby. Babies are really susceptible to some infections. It can be yeast infection on the mouth area which is known as oral thrust or it can be nappy rush in the nappy area.

Oral thrush is one of the yeast infections that particularly occur on the mouth area like tongue or palate. Thick and white patch on the mouth is one of the symptoms of yeast infection. This will be a trouble that will surely harm your baby. Sometimes, the cause of the oral thrush starts from the candida that forms in the baby bottle. Candida will penetrate the baby’s mouth area. So mothers will try to treat baby thrush using a bright purple dye called gentian violet. This treatment stains baby’s mouth and the area around it. This is after it has been rubbed off for a while. Using natural baby yeast infection treatment is the safest thing to do.

Natural Baby Yeast Infection Treatment Options

Plain yogurt is the best remedy to cure oral thrush. This is very easy to do. First thing to do is get a clean and soft cloth. Wet it using water and dip it into a plain yogurt. Use it to wipe the affected areas. This baby

baby yeast infection treatment

yeast infection treatment is very mild and safe. No irritation and burns will occur. It won’t be painful and will not cause any harm to your baby. The powerful content that the yogurt has will surely get rid of the oral thrust. Another yeast infection that commonly occurs in the babies is the nappy rush. This infection is really painful for the baby. A rush that forms in the nappy area caused by wearing diapers is one of the symptoms of the yeast infection. There are two common reasons why a baby gets a nappy rush. The reason may be the use of some baby products like baby wipes, diaper, etc. This will be the cause skin allergy. Another is the carelessness of the mother or anyone that is in charge in taking care of the baby. This is not a simple problem. This is surely painful for your baby. Giving baby yeast infection treatment as early as possible is important. Natural remedies are still the best solution for this problem. Applying mild powder will surely help cure the infection. Using tea-tree oil will also help. In case the yeast infection gets worse, it’s important to consult a doctor. Giving the best and safest baby yeast infection treatment to cure yeast infection is what matters most.

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