Dodge Caravan Review

Dodge Caravan Review
Dodge Caravan Review

The Dodge Caravan minivan, manufactured by Chrysler, is rated among the top 8 minivans. According to the users of Dodge Caravan, the good things about this vehicle are its interiors, spacious cargo rooms and its safety. The users are, however, not very impressed with its base engine as they feel it may be underpowered.

The main thing about this vehicle is that it has enough room to fit a family. It can fit up to 7 passengers, which is what a minivan is meant for. In addition, it has various standard as well as optional entertainment features which help in entertaining the kids while going out on long drives. Many users feel that this is a vehicle which is fun to drive and has a lasting durability. The interiors are convenient to use such as the power sliding door, with easy roll down windows, swivel seats, as well as seats that are so easy to clean.

You may find that the interiors of this vehicle are not of too superior a quality and you may also find its controls to be a little confusing. There are users who felt that it has too much cabin noise. Also some users have complained of having a problem with the transmission of the vehicle. Its reliability seems like a major issue with some people.

All in all, it is a good vehicle which rides like a luxury vehicle. You must definitely take a test drive of this minivan before going in for any other one.

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