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Lenses In Raleigh Will Help Your Vision

Posted on January 13, 2008 in Health by

There have been major technological advances in eye wear. A visit to the optometrist allows you the opportunity to choose between the latest features in lenses and lens coatings. The greatest advantage to the new technology is that you get to choose what is right for you and the health of your eyes. Below you will find a compilation of material that will aid you in making the decision of which eye wear is best for you.1. Lens type: The first and most important choice to make is the type of lens you want. Lenses in Raleigh offers polycarbonate, high index, and aspheric lenses. All of these lens types are thinner than regular plastic lenses, which is a great benefit to anyone with moderate to severe vision problem that also wishes to avoid having heavy, unwieldy glasses.2. Bifocals: your eye doctor will alert you to when use of a bifocal lens becomes necessary to you. There are some options to choose from, there is the traditional bifocal with the line through the lens. Another option is the half-moon bifocal, which consists of a moon-shaped area of bifocal lens, where there is no delineation between the regular and the bifocal lens. The half-moon bifocal is a good choice when looking for lenses in Raleigh as they are much more inconspicuous to the naked eye, appearing to others as regular lenses.3. Anti-scratch coating: this option is an excellent choice for anyone, but especially for children and people who normally end up with scratches on their lenses. It is inexpensive - usually around 15 dollars - and will protect your lenses in Raleigh from scratches for a year to two years.4. To reduce reflection and glare which can be a distraction, consider anti-reflective coating. If you find reflections irritating or bothersome or have trouble with a lot of reflection during night driving, this could be the solution for you. One thing to keep in mind though is that anti-reflective coatings on your lenses can mean its easier to scratch them.Buyers of eyewear in Raleigh have wonderful choices. One option for glasses in Raleigh are tints. The choices of the color of tints are gray, a brownish shade, or several other colors. You also have the choice to select photochromatics. These are lenses that change color depending upon the light. They are darker when in the outside sunlight, and clear at night, or when you are inside in daytime. If you are bothered by the sunlight, tints or polychromatics are a good option.

Glasses have advanced a long way giving the consumer many beneficial choices. Lenses in Raleigh are made of materials which make the lenses thinner and more lightweight. Bifocals come in the traditional lined style as well as the half-moon bifocal with no line between the regular and bifocal lens. Anti-scratch coatings make glasses in Raleigh more scratch resistant, especially for children and others prone to scratch their lenses. Anti-reflective coating on eyewear in Raleigh helps reduce glare and reflections that are particularly bothersome to night drivers. Tinted lenses and photochromatic glasses are good options for people whose eyes are sensitive to sunlight.

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