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Shouldn’t  Food Nutrition World Tag

Shouldn’t women who don’t think they look feminine enough take estrogen supplements and nutrition?

Rather than torturing themselves with these stupid diets. Same goes for men who want to have more masculine features by taking testosterone supplements combined with weight training. We can more naturally increase are testosterone levels than our oestrogen levels, which is probably partly why some women with the exercise programs don’t get curvy features they want, due to the fact that they’re manipulating their androgen levels. Men get turned off by their skinny bodies and visible veins, the women feel rejected, and this hormonal cycle spins once more.

Shouldn’t schools make it a point to teach nutrition classes?

Id say as much as 90% of people cant tell you a thing about nutrition, and obesity is considered an epidemic. Why will schools not teach children about the most important thing they will need to know in the future which is nutrition. What would it take to get these classes put in?

If a state official lies about food stamp rules, shouldn’t the USDSA Food and Nutrition service be concerned?

Hank Hudson (the point man for food stamp info in Montana) tried to tell me you cannot collect food stamps if you were eligible, and had to pay 300$ for a late traffic fine or mandatory auto insurance. This is a lie. Allen Nichels is correct at (You can have a food stamp skyrocket due to mandatory auto insurance laws)

Shouldn’t the USDA Food and Nutrition Service straighten out Hank Hudson????

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